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Long EZ N28EZ...At the Airport

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After all these years of construction in the house and garage, the Long EZ has finally found a home of it's own in a real hangar!

On October 20th, 2003, I packed it up on the trailer I built for it, and moved it down to a T-hangar at the Ontario County Airport in Canandaigua New York (D38).

Click here to visit the Canandaigua Airport Website

I rented a 15 foot truck with a hitch and a lift gate. This back view at the house shows the yellow lights I mounted at the outboard edges of the spar, which exceed the 8 foot width allowed for normal trailers. Note that the fuselage is sitting normally on the trailer. No tilting or crabbing to try to get the spars inside the 8 feet.

Before moving it, I checked with the local Sheriff's department. A deputy stopped over and had a look at what I was going to do. He said that I would have no problem with either the Sheriff or the State Police, while trailing it down to Canandaigua, a distance of about 30 miles by the back route I was taking,

This is a little clearer shot of the plane on the trailer, this time with the lights off, and the back door of the truck open. The lift gate on the truck was definitely the way to go...much easier than the ramp would have been when getting the crane and the engine on it's mount, into the back of the truck. Since I had the room in the truck, I decided to move the wings inside it, instead of on the carriers I had built for them on the trailer, under the fuselage. I hung the wings from the side slats on the truck, using nylon straps, and resting the wings against foam pads from old mattresses and chair cushions I had picked up along the road on trash pickup day! I have towels draped over the winglet on the wing that is on the right side of the truck. I was really surprised at the amount of items that I had collected over the last 20 years that were related to the plane. As you can see, the truck was full, with benches, desks, books, tools, hot boxes, etc. And the room I have in my house and garage now is unbelievable!

The garage after the plane has left.

I have a storm drain at the end of my driveway that would cause the trailer to drag as I left the drive, so I exited across my lawn at an angle to allow the trailer to enter the street one wheel at a time and not bottom. It worked, and I had no problems all the way to Canandaigua. But, I have to admit, I didn't go over 40 mph all the way!

Here's my hanger!

I am in the center of the last of 3 T-hangars at the airport. This view is looking back past all three toward the main hangar at the far end, where the terminal, and the main maintenance facility is. It also houses the base and maintenance shops of the local bus service.

It's a long walk to the bathrooms from my hangar! <G> . The rocks on the left border a parking area for automobiles that are visiting. It used to be reached from a side road instead of going in through the electric gate at the terminal, but that side road is now fenced in and has a locked gate ...required by the FAA since 9/11. It was a lot more convenient for me to use that side road, and saved me about a mile in driving around when coming from home here in Henrietta.

It rained most of the morning until I got the truck, but then it held off until everything was safely inside the hangar.

It was bound to happen. As you've probably noticed in the previous pages, I've been moving items back and forth from the hangar to the garage to work on them here at home, where I'm not hampered by the time it takes to drive back and forth to the hangar. Up until recently, I didn't find it necessary to rent another truck, as I borrowed a friend's Explorer (strapping the wing upside down to the roof carrier, for example). But she just bought a new car, and the explorer is no longer available. So what is a guy to do? Well, buy a truck of my own! And, not to have something that everyone else has, I wanted a truck that was a bit different. So, when I saw this one on eBay, and I remembered the five of them I had in my battalion back in the 1960s, I couldn't pass it up! Here is my "new" truck...a 1952 Army M37!

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